"We are building Future-proof Showcases"


"Tailor-made Displays"

In 1980, Tekso was setup as a refrigeration workshop in the heart of Istanbul's industrial suburb. The founding partners had unique skills of constructing display showcases and tailoring amazing counters for the shop-floor. 

80 s were long before the organized retailer movement in Turkey. The business profile was   around customization and decoration. It was the time of local supermarkets, butchers and pastry shops. 

Tekso managed to create an unchallenged image in the market with its understanding of quality and expertise. This image shaped the company s culture for generations to come.


"Standardization Efforts"

With the sudden appearance of the first generation organized retailers in Turkey Tekso shifted its strategy towards becoming a globally respected refrigerated display case manufacturer who would soon be able to supply complete range of showcases used in hypermarkets.

With intense effort to meet the international standards and production methods, Tekso redesigned it products for the European market. With the beginning of the millennium Tekso set its growth strategy around the export business.

Throughout the following years it managed to be referenced in many international retail groups in Europe, Russia and the Middle East.


"A New Generation"

Past decade Tekso is deeply effected by a change that is driven by the new generation of employees and managers, the true owners of the 38 year old institution. 

The automation on the factory floor, digitalization of internal processes, environmental friendly production techniques, advanced r&d and testing facilities are some of many advancements achieved.

Today Tekso has 2 active foreign branches in France and UAE, has sales activities in 22 countries and is referenced by many international retailes.

Tekso is now developing many innovative technologies in refrigeration industry and getting ready for a new phase towards its future.

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