Cetus 44 M32 H1300 2500
Cetus 44 M60 H1500 2500

The Semi-Multideck Cetus is the modern face of new sales area. With their aesthetical view, the cabinet serve as a point of attraction in the store. After long years of development, the semi multideck range Cetus reached their ultimate status. With its minimalist design, the semi-multidecks are focused on maximum product visibility and convenient usage.


  • Vertical Remote Display Cabinets
  • Temperature Range : 3M1-3M2-3H0
  • Eco-friendly Cyclo-pentan Polyurethane Body
  • Reliable Cooling System
  • Easy Multiplexable
  • Maximum Display Area
  • Easy Cleaning


  • Electronical Controller
  • Night Blinds
  • Mirror / Double Paned Sidewalls
  • Adjustable Shelves
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