Norma SS AK
Norma FG AK
The reengineered forth generation Tekso serve-over line are full of performance and practicality. Apart from the high-end production technologies behind, the advanced air flow method delivers a much better performance and efficiency. The wide and clear visibility of the products is the heart of the design discipline for Tekso counters. With a wide range of sophisticated accessories, the Norma line is better than ever.


  • Horizontal Remote Display Cabinets
  • Temperature Range : 3M1-3M2
  • Eco-friendly Cyclo-pentan Polyurethane Body
  • Reliable Cooling System
  • Easy Multiplexable
  • Maximum Display Area
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Easy Loading With Ergonomic Design


  • Different Glass Structures With Lift-up Systems
  • Depth Options: 1240, 1140, 1040, 940
  • Electronical Controller
  • 2 Level/3 Level/Angled/Wire Tray
  • Stainless Steel Self-service Bar
  • Paper storage
  • Knife Rack
  • Scale Shelf/Cutting Board
  • Bottom Closed/with Leg
  • Plexi Sliding Cover
  • Night Blinds
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