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The wide product range of horizontal freezers provide solutions for almost all store layouts. With cleverly designed crown ends of the freezer range you can achieve beautifuly aligned continuous lines. 

With the double sided islands you can create wide frozen food areas with clear overview throughout the hypermarket. Optional double and single evaporator versions of Sarin offer flexibility for different temperature zones. With Tekso s wide range of horizontal freezers you can easily design your sales areas.

The horizontal deepfreezer range of Tekso has been awarded the name “solid” after long years of experience in the market.  The horizontal freezers allow you higher visibility in the store. The vertical and horizontal freezers, with their solid construction and refrigeration performance, are the trusted choice of many retailers today.


  • Horizontal Remote Display Cabinets
  • Temperature Range : 3L1-3L2-3L3
  • Eco-friendly Cyclo-pentan Polyurethane Body
  • Reliable Cooling System
  • Easy Multiplexable
  • Maximum Display Area
  • Easy Cleaning


  • Electronical Controller
  • Night Blinds
  • Push/Sliding Glass Doors 
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